SPC Wall Panel

Spc Wall Panel, characterized in that the outer surface of the injection-molded wallboard is made of uniform brick-like or marble-like bumps and grooves, the edge of the wallboard is made of hanging pieces and slots, and the hanging pieces are fixed Hole, there are inserts and installation limiting ribs on the lower edge of the wall panel, the inserts are matched with the slots, and the installation limiting ribs are inserted into the fixing holes, and the fixing holes are fixed to the wall by fasteners. There are left and right plug-in interfaces or/and left and right connecting plates on the edge, connecting pieces and connecting grooves are made in the left and right plug-in interfaces and left and right connecting plates. 

There are several to dozens on the outer surface of each wallboard A brick-like or marble-like bump, with grooves around the bumps, the wall panel is rough and generous, natural beauty, not afraid of water, not moldy, not fading, it can be washed with water, wiped with cloth, and it can be used as an interior or exterior wall. Beauty. Each spc wallboard is made of various interconnected structures, bottom, left, and right. Each spc wall panel is combined with various structures such as sheets and slots, openings and panels, and then fixed by fasteners, which is easy to operate. reliable.