SPC Floor Stone Plastic Composite Waterproof Indoor Flooring

Specification: SPC Flooring
Thickness: 3.5/4//4.5/5 mm
Service: Online Technical Support
Use Parts: Commercial & Residential
Brand: OEM
Color: Multi
Supply Ability: 1000 twenty-Foot Container / Year
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Others

SPC lock floor is composed of thick wear-resistant layer, UV layer, color film texture layer and base material layer. European and American countries call this kind of floor RVP (rigid vinyl plank), rigid plastic floor. The base material is a composite board made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material through high temperature extrusion, and it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic at the same time, ensuring the strength and toughness of the floor.

What are the ground requirements for installation?

1. Ground base regulations: concrete floors, terrazzo floors, floor tiles, natural marble and wooden floors can be laid immediately.

2. Ground flatness regulations: cement self-leveling or leveling the ground.

3. Ground cleanliness regulations: road waste, gravel, etc., to ensure that there is no dregs.

4. Ground foundation regulations: general concrete ground can be laid immediately if the flatness is qualified.

5. Ground gap regulations: small gaps caused by foundation settlement can also be used for engineering construction.

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