Reasonable Price In Bulk SPC Wall Panel Retro Furniture Decorative

Specification: SPC Wall Panel
Thickness: 3/4/5/6 mm
Service: Online Technical Support
Use Parts: Commercial & Residential
Brand: OEM
Color: Multi
Supply Ability: 200 twenty-Foot Container / Year
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Others


Wall panels, which are mainly installed for insulating the interiors, have gained a prominent spot in the interior decoration sector. All our merchandise achieved international certificates, such Unilin, Floor Score and SGS. SPC FLOORING (Rigid Core LVP) is an upgrade and improvement of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring (LVT flooring),the major goods for rigid core flooring combines the strength of stone and the beauty of wood,One particular for all answer for your home decoration.

Forget about faux polyurethane and plastic composite panels. We have over 25 years of established performance on the exterior of buildings throughout the planet. Classy and contemporary- these panels surprise homeowners with the dual positive aspects of thermoplastic construction and the beautiful looks of metal.

Our WPC creating components are initial in class when comparing our manufacturing standards, value point, the look of our finished item and the warranty that accompanies every little thing we produce. Tiles can be stuck to the wall with cork tile adhesive or contact adhesive, which tends to make them comparatively easy to fix but almost not possible to remove later. Create seamless surfaces with modular panels that fit in like puzzles. The fiber-reinforced epoxy skin, directly behind the stone, gives a waterproof barrier, thereby eliminating the require for a secondary layer of protection. In comparison, synthetic panels could use processes and materials that harm the atmosphere.


Completely waterproof no deformation when soaking in water.

Durable decors with detailed wood grain textures, vibrant finishes, and easy maintenance.

Lock Splicing

Simple and easy to install lock, one button and one pat, stable and firm, seam tightly

Moisture-proof and Waterproof

Material is not hydrophilic, water-proof and moisture-proof, and not afraid of dampness.

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