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Specification: Engineered Flooring
Thickness: Stands up to scratches and fading
Advantages: Multiple choice
Feature: Most durable floor

Laminate flooring is still wood flooring technically, because particleboard contains wood fiber, but unlike engineered hardwood, laminate flooring does not contain plywood. With an image layer that allows the floor to mimic wood, stone or even metal, laminate is such a “wild sister” who likes to try makeup and style. These wooden floors usually consist of four floors. Cool, as trusted flooring China manufacturer, we provide various of flooring products such as laminated flooring, engineered wood flooring, etc. Please contact with us for more specification about our products, then reasonable quotation would be offered by our representatives.

How to maintain:

Regular maintenance, Clean the floor and vacuum regularly to prevent the accumulation of sand or frictional dust and scratch the surface of the composite floor.

What issues should be paid attention to in the thickness of laminate flooring?

Floor thickness has nothing to do with quality.

Consumers can choose the thickness independently.

How to lay?

Leveling the ground, The ground is not leveled, causing many areas to be uneven when laying the floor, and the floor is uneven.

How to clean?

When cleaning the laminate floor, first use a mop or rag to wipe off the dust on the floor surface. We need to remind everyone not to use a wet mop or rag when mopping the laminate floor to avoid foaming the floor. After wiping, keep the room ventilated for 30 minutes to evaporate the moisture in the floor.

Floor features:


Stands up to harsh weather; resistsstains, scratches, and fading.

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