Environmental Materials Spc Wall Panel For Indoor Decoration Supplier

Specification: 4 mm
Usage: Commercial
Supply Ability: 600
Shipping: Container


Plastic cladding is one particular of the most versatile components with range of application in your home. Nowadays, with modern machines and technologies, Fiona has special qualifications of flexibility, straightforward installation, termite and insect resistance, and is environmental friendly in addition Fiona coated with UV and transparent wear layer which tends to make it scratch resistance and has a bright, natural wood searching surface with an emboss surface that has a genuine wood appear all through the time of usage.

As such, more than the previous 36 years, StoneLite® has turn out to be the wall cladding product of option by a lot of discriminating architects, engineers, interior designers and finish customers all through the globe. Extraordinarily resistant to household stains, particularly oils and greases, vinyl plastic is one of the most practical components accessible as a wall covering.

Ranging from unvarnished and high gloss panels, all the way to printed panels displaying wood designs, marble motifs and fantasy effects. Stacked all-natural stone ledger panels hold fantastic worth with durability, an eternal appeal, and great warmth. Sinoflor panel systems offer enhanced durability, unparalleled influence resistance, water impenetrability, important weight reduction and reduce project expenses.

Functional Layer

No Worries or Cost on Cleaning and Maintenance. Stain Resistance, UV-Resistance, Waterproofing.

Decoration Layer

Natural Appearance. Multiple Pattern Choices.

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