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The floor is one of the main materials in the decoration. Whether it is in the living room or in the bedroom, it can be seen. The floor material can be divided into many types, of which the plastic floor is a good place. Here is a brief introduction to the plastic floor is poisonous and the main advantages of plastic floor.

Is the plastic floor toxic?
The main component of the plastic floor is polyvinyl chloride, which has the characteristics of bright color, corrosion resistance, firmness and durability. Polyvinyl chloride will secrete toxic gas with certain volatility, and this gas will affect people's respiratory system, but it needs to be volatile at temperatures above 130 ℃. Even for geothermal heat, plastic floors cannot be in such a high temperature environment. Therefore, plastic floors generally do not emit toxic gases, nor pose a threat to the human body.

The main advantages of plastic flooring
1. Lightweight
The plastic floor is light in weight, and has unparalleled advantages in high-rise buildings for load bearing and space saving.
2. Environmental protection
Plastic flooring is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and has a great advantage in environmental protection.

3. High elasticity and impact resistance
The plastic floor has good elasticity and impact resistance, which can greatly reduce the personnel's slipping and falling injuries. Even if the impact damage to the heavy objects is also good, the elastic recovery will not cause damage.
4. Anti-skid
The plastic floor has a good anti-skid effect and has the characteristics of being astringent with water.
5. Waterproof
The plastic floor is not afraid of water, just do not immerse it for a long time will not damage.
6. Various colors
The plastic floor has a variety of colors and a wide range of options, which can be personalized.

7. Simple construction and installation
The plastic floor is easy to install and can be cut and spliced at will.
8. Ultra high cost performance
Plastic flooring is affordable and the price is very high.