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Do you know plastic flooring? In fact, the plastic floor is made of plastic materials, so it is more convenient and more used, but compared to the solid wood floor, it is very dangerous, because she will appear some bulging in a certain period of time It seems that the ground is protruding from the ground. In fact, it is estimated that there is a big reason. It is because of these 6 major reasons that our lives have become even more difficult. There are 6 major reasons for "bulging up", and small details are a big hidden danger...

Let's first understand what coarse floor is. Is he harmful? In fact, it is through the PVC plastic floor, which has a substance such as polyvinyl chloride. When it reaches a certain level, it will be volatile, which will affect people's respiratory tract and bring us great danger. So try not to use such plastic floors.

But there are five reasons for the plastic floor to bulge. Let me take you through it. Come and avoid it...

The first reason for the plastic floor bulging: deformation caused by moisture.

In fact, if the PVC plastic floor is improperly used, it will cause his glue to emulsify and deteriorate, losing a certain viscosity, and after a long time, it will appear to swell, affecting our future life

The second biggest reason for plastic floor bulging: no ventilation

In fact, ventilation is also a certain reason, because if there is no long-term stay, the weight of the poor ventilation will also cause the floor to expand.

The third major reason for the plastic floor bulging: the water content of the grass-roots concrete is too high

Don't let it be said that the grass-roots or water and soil content is too high, which will also cause the moisture-proof isolation to be honey and absorb some moisture-induced swelling, which will affect our lives and will not be more convenient.

The 4th reason for plastic floor bulging: no expansion joints left
It is because there are no expansion joints, or the overall appearance is too narrow, so after covering with skirting, the plastic PVC floor will not have better stretchability, too high room temperature will also lead to expansion, hollow bulging ridge The phenomenon.

5 reasons for plastic floor bulging: floor paving
Floor paving is also the most fundamental reason. Generally, no more than 5 meters need to be segmented. Also, it must be covered with a blank holder.

The 6th reason for plastic rice cookers: there are foreign objects
It is because of the presence of foreign objects, so there will be a bulging phenomenon, making the whole more inconvenient and damp.